Aquasure H2 Accessoires


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Aqua Star Concentrate Set of 3
The peeling function for immediate effects with long-term effect and purer skin appearance
Stimulation of the skin's own collagen and elastin production
Stimulation of the cell metabolism
Lifting effect
Improvement of skin moisture
Important note: the concentrates must be mixed 24 hours before use!
Scope of delivery:
1 set:
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S1 50 ml
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S2 50 ml
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S3 50 ml
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Aqua Peeling Hydra Concentrate Set of 3
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Face concentrate for the Aqua-Peel treatment
Intensive cleansing of the skin
Intensive moisturizing on a cellular level
One bottle is mixed with 400 ml of distilled water
The resulting solution is sufficient for up to two fillings
Scope of delivery:
3x Aqua Peeling Hydra-Concentrate 20 ml
£48.42 Stk