SHR Germany EMS BodyCult Germany EMS device for muscle building
Electrical muscle stimulation with the effect of extreme training
2-in-1 effect: muscle building and tissue tightening
Promotes blood circulation and metabolism
Effectively treats thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms and hips
2 years warranty for installment purchase, 4 years for direct purchase
When you purchase a device, you will receive a free training session.
Scope of delivery:
1x SHR Germany BodyCult
11,964.38 £ pc
SHR Germany EMS B device for muscle stimulation
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Electrical muscle stimulation for muscle building
Tightens and firms the tissue
Intensive training for the muscles that is easy on the joints and bones
Stretching and contracting muscles without personal effort
With user-friendly software
Scope of supply:
1x SHR Germany EMS B device for muscle stimulation.
8,607.47 £ pc
EMS PelviChair Germany (chair with electrical muscle stimulation)
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For strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles
Helps with urinary incontinence and after childbirth
Works with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
Much more effective than Kegel exercises
Non-invasive treatment, performed fully clothed

With the purchase of one unit, you will receive a free Training.
Scope of delivery:
1x EMS PelviChair Germany
6,437.52 £ pc