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IVISMILE Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Bleaching Strips 14 Bags

Tooth whitening with activated carbon
Effectively removes tooth discoloration
Provides a minty fresh breath
Whiter teeth after only 14 days
Without hydrogen peroxide

Scope of delivery:
14x IVISMILE teeth whitening activated charcoal bleaching strips upper jaw
14x IVISMILE teeth whitening activated charcoal bleaching strips lower jaw
1x instruction manual
1x color palette
1,01 £ pc
IVISMILE Electric Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Innovative high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning
Small and handy
Removes tartar and plaque
Reduces tooth discoloration
5 levels adjustable

Scope of delivery:1x IVISMILE Electric Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner1x charging cable1x user manual
17,86 £ pc
IVISMILE tooth whitening pen 2 ml
Brightening gel pen
Easy handling, ideal for on the go
With brush applicator
Effective tooth whitening in just 30 minutes
Vegan and animal-free
Scope of delivery:
1 x IVISMILE Teeth Whitening Pen / Tooth Whitening Pen 2 ml.
14,16 £ pc
IVISMILE tooth whitening foam 50 ml
Out of stock

Dental care for teeth whitening
Gently removes tooth discoloration
Fresh mint taste
Fine mousse foam in pump dispenser
360° tooth cleaning

Scope of delivery:
1x IVISMILE tooth whitening foam 50 ml, 1x instructions for use.
283,20 £ L
IVISMILE activated charcoal powder for teeth whitening 30 g

Organic activated charcoal for natural teeth whitening
Naturally detoxifying
Removes plaque and bad breath
With fresh mint taste
Visible teeth whitening after only 3-4 days

Scope of delivery:
1x IVISMILE tooth whitening powder 30 g
400,00 £ Kg

IVISMILE: Radiant Smile, Effortlessly Achieved
Welcome to the world of IVISMILE, the brand that unlocks the secret to a dazzling white smile for you. We believe that a radiant smile not only enhances your outward appearance but also boosts your confidence. With our passion for dental aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, we offer premium teeth whitening products that effortlessly enhance your smile.

The IVISMILE Story: A Smile Speaks Louder Than Words
The story of IVISMILE is one of passion and dedication to dental aesthetics. Our brand was founded by experts in dentistry and cosmetics who shared the vision of developing highly effective teeth whitening products. Our solutions are the result of years of research and development to give you a smile you can be proud of.

The IVISMILE Philosophy: Safe, Effective, and User-Friendly
Our philosophy is based on the belief that teeth whitening should be safe, effective, and convenient. At IVISMILE, we use high-quality ingredients and modern technology to create products that not only deliver visible results but are also easy to use. The health of your teeth is always our top priority.

Our Products: Smile That Inspires
IVISMILE offers a wide range of teeth whitening products aimed at enhancing and revitalizing your smile. From bleaching strips to whitening gels and activated charcoal toothpaste, we have everything you need to achieve a smile that inspires.

Our products are characterized by the following features:
Clinically Tested: Our products are clinically tested to ensure their safety and effectiveness.
Easy Application: IVISMILE products are easy to integrate into your daily oral care routine.
Gentle Whitening: We use gentle whitening methods that respect your dental health.
High-Quality Ingredients: Our products contain high-quality ingredients that remove stains and brighten your teeth.
What Sets IVISMILE Apart?
What makes IVISMILE so special? It's our commitment to safety, our high-quality ingredients, and our passion for an enchanting smile. Our products are designed to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

Discover the IVISMILE Difference in Our Online Shop
IVISMILE is your trusted partner for a radiant smile, helping you effortlessly enhance your smile.
Experience the secret of a dazzling white smile with IVISMILE and show the world your radiant self.