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Aba Group sanding caps for manicure and pedicure / 13 mm grit 80 10 pcs.

Attachments with 80 grit sandpaper
For pedicures and manicures
Removes calluses and calluses
For preparing the nail plate
Removes gel and acrylic nails

Scope of delivery:
10x Aba Group Sanding Caps 13 mm, Grade 80 / Sanding caps for pedicure 13 mm grain size 80
0,58 £ pc

The Aba Group: Your Partner in Nail Beauty Since 2015

The Aba Group is a Polish company that has been offering high-quality cosmetic products since 2015. Specializing in manicures and pedicures, the brand is a leading provider in the beauty industry in this area. Cosmetologists around the world appreciate the Aba Group, especially for its extensive selection of nail files, available in more than 150 variations.

The Perfect Tool for Everyone The manicure tools from the Aba Group are a combination of aesthetics and functionality. An ergonomic design, high-quality craftsmanship, and a variety of sizes provide specialists and end consumers with the right tools for every requirement, whether for the salon or everyday use.

Quality Made in Poland: Production Facility and Certificates

All products of the Aba Group are manufactured 100% in their own factory in Poland, from conception to completion. This ensures a unique quality and precision of their products. It's no wonder that all products carry certificates such as the "European Safety Certificate" and the "European Guarantee for Highest Quality."

Hygiene and Environmental Consideration

The Aba Group places great emphasis on hygiene and safety and has developed special solutions for beauty salons, such as the Safe Package. This ensures 100% hygiene according to the applicable standards, providing maximum safety for professional treatments that require sterile tools. Additionally, to minimize environmental impact, Aba Group products are packaged in biodegradable film made from corn starch.

Diversity and Competitiveness: Range and Prices

In addition to nail files and clippers, the Aba Group also offers a wide range of gels, hybrid polishes, nail decorations, and other accessories. The products stand out for their diversity, quality, and competitive prices.

Innovation and Engagement: Collaboration and Training Offerings

Despite its consistently positive development, the company continuously works to further develop its brand and help its customers achieve the best possible success. For example, the Aba Group collaborates with a dedicated team of experienced cosmetologists, stylists, trainers, etc., and regularly offers training and live broadcasts on social media to teach customers various styling techniques.

Conclusion: A Reliable Partner for the Beauty Industry

All products of the Aba Group are characterized by quality, diversity, and innovation, offering customers the perfect tools for every requirement. Benefit from a wide range, competitive prices, and a strong commitment to hygiene and environmental awareness!