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Medisco Eyelash Lifting Set 10pcs.

Complete set for eyelash lift
For beautifully curved, longer and thicker looking eyelashes
Effect lasts at least 4-6 weeks
Individually packed solutions for longer shelf life
Also suitable for brow lifting

Scope of delivery:
10x Curling 0.5 g
10x Fixing 0.5 g
10x Treatment 0.5 g
1x Glue 5 ml
1x Nourishing Essence 5 ml
1x Perm Stick
10x gel pads (Perm Rods)
1x Silicone Mat
10x mini brushes
20x Micro Rods
28,30 £ pc
Medisco Skinbooster Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules for Microneedling 10 pcs à 5 ml

The ideal ampoule for treating several skin problems at once
To moisturize, tone and strengthen the skin
Polyphenol protects against free radicals with 8 vitamins
Niacinamide has a skin brightening effect and reduces pigmentation spots
PDRN (Sodium DNA) makes the skin look fuller and plumper

Scope of delivery:
10x Medisco Skinbooster Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules for Microneedling 5 ml.
1.854,80 £ L
Medisco Peelieve peeling set 5 pieces
- Special price -

Peeling set with 2 x 5 parts
Contains peeling powder and solution
With valuable herbal ingredients
Stimulates cell renewal
Moisturizes and soothes the skin

Scope of delivery:
1x Medisco Peelieve peeling set 5-piece.
71,09 £ pc
Medisco Anti Aging Facial Mask 5 pcs
Out of stock
- Special price -

Lifting and anti-aging effect for face and neck.
Releases oxygen bubbles
Brightens, hydrates and improves the skin
With Centella Asiatica, niacinamide and tea tree water
Set of 5 gels and cloth masks each

Scope of delivery:
5x TokTok gel 20 ml
5x cloth mask 5 g
31,24 £ pc
Medisco SkinGlow peel-off mask 100 ml

Promotes skin elasticity with 70% collagen
With cell-regenerating PDRN
Enriched with soothing centella asiatica extract
Moisturizing thanks to jojoba oil
For radiant, healthy and younger-looking skin

Scope of delivery:
1x Medisco SkinGlow peel-off mask 100 ml
188,40 £ L
Medisco Moisturizing Oil Cream 30x 2 ml
- Special price -

Rich, moisturizing oil cream
Ideal as care after peelings or microneedling
With Centella Asiatica, safflower oil and vitamin E
Brightens and regenerates the skin
30 disposable bags of cream á 2 ml

Scope of delivery:
30x Medisco Moisturizing Oil Cream 2 ml.
436,00 £ L
Medisco Repairing Oil Cream 200 ml

Skin-soothing, hydrating oil cream
Ideal as care after peelings and microneedling
With Centella Asiatica
Regenerates the skin
Well suited for Gua Sha massages

Scope of delivery:
1x Medisco Repairing Oil Cream 200 ml.
107,05 £ L
Medisco Gua Sha Massage Stone

Massage stone for Gua Sha treatments
Has a draining and relaxing effect
Suitable for facial and body treatments
With 8 different areas
Top product from South Korea

Scope of delivery:
1x Medisco Gua Sha massage stone
35,25 £ pc

MEDISCO: Quality and Trust in Medical Care
Welcome to the world of MEDISCO, a brand dedicated to providing high-quality medical products and services. With a deep commitment to the health and well-being of our customers, we offer top-notch medical equipment and services that not only ensure the best possible care but also build trust and confidence.

The MEDISCO Story: Medical Excellence and Commitment
The history of MEDISCO is a story of medical excellence and commitment to health. Our brand was founded by healthcare professionals who shared the vision of offering highly effective medical products and services. Our products and services are the result of comprehensive research and development to meet the highest standards in medical care.

The MEDISCO Philosophy: Quality, Accessibility, and Innovation
Our philosophy is based on the belief that quality and accessibility in medical care should not be mutually exclusive. At MEDISCO, we focus on providing high-quality medical equipment and services that are accessible to a wide range of people. Our products are innovative and aimed at taking medical care to the next level.

Our Products and Services: Comprehensive Medical Care
MEDISCO offers a wide range of products and services in the field of medical care. From medical equipment to training and education to consulting services, we have everything you need to achieve your health goals and experience medical excellence.

Our products and services are characterized by the following features:
High-quality products: We offer medical equipment and consumables of the highest quality. Training and education: MEDISCO provides training and education programs to support healthcare professionals. Consulting and services: Our consulting services help medical facilities provide better care. Innovation: We focus on innovative solutions to continuously improve medical care. What sets MEDISCO apart?

What makes MEDISCO so special? It's our commitment to quality, our accessibility in medical care, and our dedication to continuous innovation. Our products and services are designed to build trust and confidence in medical care.

Discover the MEDISCO Difference in the Online Shop

MEDISCO is your trusted partner in medical care, helping you achieve your health goals and building trust in medical care.

Experience medical excellence with MEDISCO and feel confident in the best hands in the world of health.