Dosing chamber

Hyaluron Pen Set of 5 Ampoule / Dosing Chamber
5 empty ampoules for the Hyaluron Pen
3 ml capacity
Allows injection of hyaluronic acid without needles
Easy handling
Low pain and precise treatment
Also available as 10-pack and single
Scope of delivery:
5x Hyaluron-Pen ampoule 3 ml
5x Dosing chamber (empty)
0.56 £ pc
Hyaluron Pen Ampoule / Dosing Chamber Set of 10
10 empty dosing chambers for the Hyaluron Pen
Filling quantity up to 3 ml possible
Hyaluron filler without needles
Good and precise handling
Treatment is painless
Also available as 5-pack or 1-pack
Scope of delivery:
10x Hyaluron Pen ampoules 3 ml
0.54 £ pc
Hyaluron Pen Ampoule / Dosing Chamber
Empty dosing chamber for the Hyaluron Pen
Capacity of 3 ml
For needle-free injection of hyaluronic acid
Precise and professional work with easy handling
Allows a painless application for your customers
Also available as 5-pack and as 10-pack
Scope of delivery:
1x Hyaluron-Pen ampoule 3 ml
0.72 £ pc