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BIOAQUA Moisturizing Aloe Vera Cloth Mask
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Ultra-light sheet mask with soothing aloe vera extract
Aloe vera relaxes, regenerates and soothes irritations
Provides intensive, nutrient-rich moisture, making the skin velvety soft and elastic
Replenishes the skin's moisture content and regulates sebum production (allantoin)
Retains moisture for a long time (glycerin), makes the skin glow

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Bio Aqua
High-quality, powerful, plant-based skincare and makeup products: That's what the cosmetics brand Bioaqua stands for. Based in Hong Kong, the company has made a name for itself worldwide with its acne and blackhead solutions, peels, masks, and hydration products.

Harnessing the Power of Plants Bioaqua relies on the use of plant-based ingredients for all its products because the company believes that natural skincare products are more easily absorbed by the skin and thus achieve the best efficacy. Bioaqua utilizes time-tested skincare formulas supported by scientific experiments. Thanks to continuous research, years of experience, and collaboration between biological and medical specialists, the company now has uniquely advanced formulas and exceptional plant extraction technology.

Beauty for All The entire range of Bioaqua skincare and makeup products caters to the needs of all skin types and concerns. The products have been specially developed to highlight the individual beauty of each customer. And that's exactly why they are loved around the world.

Conclusion: If you appreciate plant-based cosmetics, you'll love Bioaqua Bioaqua offers high-quality skincare and makeup products based on plant ingredients that uniquely combine biological and medical expertise to enhance the beauty of all skin types.