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Aqua Star Concentrate Set of 3
The peeling function for immediate effects with long-term effect and purer skin appearance
Stimulation of the skin's own collagen and elastin production
Stimulation of the cell metabolism
Lifting effect
Improvement of skin moisture
Important note: the concentrates must be mixed 24 hours before use!
Scope of delivery:
1 set:
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S1 50 ml
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S2 50 ml
1x Aqua Star Concentrate S3 50 ml
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Academy Germany 3 Pack Cosmetic Headband
Integrated velcro fastener
Made of polyester and polyamide
Used for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments
White reflects radiation during treatments
With Academy Germany logo
Scope of delivery:
3x Academy Germany cosmetic headband
(1,87 € / Stk)
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Aqua Peeling Hydra Concentrate Set of 3
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Face concentrate for the Aqua-Peel treatment
Intensive cleansing of the skin
Intensive moisturizing on a cellular level
One bottle is mixed with 400 ml of distilled water
The resulting solution is sufficient for up to two fillings
Scope of delivery:
3x Aqua Peeling Hydra-Concentrate 20 ml
(49,01 € / Stk)