SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1
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SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1

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    - IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty -

    Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be sent out on a temporary basis.

    • Facial care device with 8 highly effective treatments
    • For cleansing and rejuvenating the skin
    • Includes Aquapeeling, Skin Scrubber and Air Brush for cleansing and care
    • Ultrasound, radio frequency and Gua Sha handpieces for intensive firming
    • Hot/cold handpiece soothes the skin and improves circulation

    When you purchase a device, you will receive free device training.

    Scope of delivery:

    1x SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1 device

    1x Aquapeeling handpiece

    1x hot/co

Discover our exclusive customer service now:
When you purchase this device you will receive free device training for you and up to four of your employees – on site or conveniently online! But that is not all - Within the first six months after purchasing the device, you and your employees are entitled to additional benefits free refresher course is available, which you can also use conveniently online or on site.

- IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty -

Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be sent out on a temporary basis.

3 in 1 was yesterday - 8 in 1 is the new trend!

Expanding the range of services offered by your own beauty salon is an important decision, because you always want to offer your customers the best. Choosing between numerous treatments can be difficult. The SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1 can free you from this agony of choice because, as the name suggests, this technologically advanced device combines 8 highly effective treatments!

With this investment, you are opting for eight first-class treatments for skin cleansing, skin care and skin rejuvenation. Create different offers that combine the different effects of the handpieces to offer the perfect treatment for every skin type and set yourself apart from other beauty salons!


You can choose from the following treatments with the SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1:

Handpiece 1: Aquapeeling
Aquapeeling uses the power of water to cleanse the skin down to the pores. The handpiece applies one of the prepared solutions to the surface of the skin, softening the stratum corneum. Dirt, make-up residue, impurities and dead skin cells are loosened from the skin's surface and flushed out of the pores by the liquid. At the same time, the skin absorbs the strengthening care substances and moisture. The solution and the dissolved impurities are sucked away from the surface of the skin by vacuum and thus completely removed. What remains is clean, radiant facial skin.

This treatment is also known as aquafacial or hydrodermabrasion and is a popular exfoliation method that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin, but also boosts its cell renewal!

Handpiece 2: Skin Scrubber
Like all skin scrubbers, this handpiece uses low-frequency ultrasound to create tiny waves that are perceived as vibrations. The resulting cavitation has an exfoliating effect on the skin, removing dead skin cells. Impurities, excess sebum and dirt are also effectively loosened and removed. Skin prone to acne and blackheads in particular benefits from this deep pore cleansing.
But that's not all! The vibrations of the skin scrubber stimulate the lymph flow and blood circulation in the skin. Toxins and waste products are better removed, while the skin is supplied with oxygen and nutrients thanks to the increased blood circulation.

Handpiece 3: Warm & cold
With the cold/warm handpiece, you have two options combined in one handpiece: you can cool your clients' skin to relieve pain, reduce swelling, close the pores and soothe the skin. Or you can provide gentle heat to stimulate circulation, relax the skin and open the pores, providing excellent preparation for subsequent treatments.

Handpiece 4: Ultrasound for the face
The large treatment head of the ultrasound handpiece delivers ultrasound energy to the skin tissue, activating collagen production. The skin gains elasticity and resilience, signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.
In addition, a gentle warmth is created, which opens the pores and stimulates blood circulation. Care products are better absorbed and skin regeneration is stimulated. The result? A more youthful complexion with a rosy complexion!

Handpiece 5: Ultrasound for the eye area
This handpiece has a significantly smaller treatment area and therefore enables more precise, gentler ultrasound treatments for the sensitive eye area. Collagen production can be specifically stimulated there to reduce typical signs of skin ageing such as crow's feet.

Handpiece 6: Radio frequency
Radio frequency also has a positive effect on the appearance of the eye area - and the rest of the face. It provides a heat effect that not only stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles, but also improves lymph flow, which can effectively treat bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Handpiece 7: Air Brush
The Air Brush handpiece allows you to deliver oxygen and nourishing serums to your clients' skin. Moisture and care substances are applied to the skin surface in the form of a fine spray mist, allowing them to penetrate the skin particularly well. Depending on which serums or other products are used, the skin can be deeply nourished and moisturized.
Tailor the application of the Air Brush handpiece to the condition of your skin in order to offer individual treatments!

Skin piece 8: Gua Sha
These two handpieces are shaped like Gua Sha stones and also have the same function: you can use them to effectively define the facial contours of your clients. Their design is adapted to the natural bone structure of the human head to perfectly follow the shape of the face. While you perform the stroking movements to achieve the desired lifting effect, the handpieces conduct microcurrent into the skin down to the muscles. This stimulates the tissue and muscles, which has an additional firming effect.

This treatment also strengthens the skin and stimulates its collagen and elastin production. The renewal of skin cells is promoted and the lymphatic system is activated. This massage-like treatment is also completely relaxing and stimulates important acupuncture points.

The large touch display allows you to adjust the treatment settings for each handpiece to suit your client. The intuitive operation of the device makes it easy and user-friendly to use.

Don't limit yourself to one treatment when you can have eight in one device! Combine the treatments with pampering masks and serums that provide that little bit extra and enhance the effects of the treatment. Take a look around the SHR online store and you're sure to find what you're looking for in our large selection of luxurious skincare products!

IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty: Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be shipped for the time being.

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Data sheet
54 cm
120 cm
53 cm
35 Kg
53 cm x 54 cm x 120 cm (L x B x H)
Net weight
35 kg
2 Jahre Garantie
Scope of delivery

1x SkinTechBeauty Skin Glow 8 in 1 Gerät

1x Aquapeeling-Handstück

1x Warm-/Kalt-Handstück

1x Skin Scrubber

1x Ultraschall Gesicht-Handstück

1x Ultraschall Augenpartie-Handstück

1x Radiofrequenz-Handstück

1x Air Brush

2x Gua Sha-Handstücke

1x Geräteschulung (vor Ort oder online)

Number of handpieces
Number of handpiece plugs
1 stk
Additional Information
Product Type
Content Size
1 Stück
Product weight
35 kg
Product size
53 cm x 54 cm x 120 cm (L x B x H)
Application Field
Aquabrasion / Aquapeeling
Recommended trainings
NiSV training, specialist module 1 The skin and its appendages

NiSV training for medical and non-medical applications.
A total of 80 learning units
Of which 28 online as e-learning
Teaches anatomy, physiology and functions of the skin and more
Knowledge of the use and effects of non-ionizing radiation

Scope of delivery:
1x NiSV training, specialist module 1 The skin and its appendages.
861,54 £ pc
NiSV training, technical module 3 EMF in cosmetics

NiSV training on high frequency, radio frequency and electrostimulation.
Provides basic information on techniques and equipment
Covers legal requirements, risks and contraindications
A total of 40 learning units, 16 of which are online
Practical instruction and independent performance under the supervision of medical specialists
Payment in installments possible

Scope of delivery:
1x NiSV training, specialist module 3 EMF in cosmetics.
650,25 £ pc
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