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Disposable Toothbrushes with Integrated Toothpaste Blue 100pcs
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100 ready-to-use disposable toothbrushes with integrated toothpaste
Individually hygienically packed
Flexible bristles for gentle tooth brushing
15 cm long with an approx. 3 cm long brush head
Perfect for beauty salons, doctor's offices and on the go

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100x disposable toothbrush with integrated toothpaste Blue.
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TIGA-MED: Your Source for High-Quality Health Products
Welcome to the world of TIGA-MED, a brand dedicated to manufacturing high-quality health products. With a deep passion for health and well-being, TIGA-MED offers premium products that not only promote your health but also enrich your daily life. We strive to provide you with the best solutions for health care and hygiene.

The TIGA-MED Story: Quality and Innovation
The story of TIGA-MED is one of quality and innovation going hand in hand. Our brand was founded by health experts and innovators who shared the vision of offering high-quality and effective health products. We place special emphasis on using high-quality materials and continuously developing our products. Our health products are the result of years of research and dedication to health.

The TIGA-MED Philosophy: Quality, Reliability, and Hygiene
Our philosophy is based on the belief that true health lies in quality, reliability, and hygiene. At TIGA-MED, we rely on high-quality, tested materials and innovative technologies to create health products that not only promote your health but also meet the highest hygiene standards.

Our Products: Health Care at Its Best
TIGA-MED offers a wide range of products aimed at promoting your health and maintaining your hygiene. From medical devices and consumables to everyday hygiene products, we have everything you need to feel safe and healthy.

Our health products are characterized by the following features:
High-quality materials: We only use materials of the highest quality to ensure that your health care is of the highest standard.
Innovation: Our products are based on innovative technologies to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
Reliability: TIGA-MED products are reliable and can be confidently used in medical and everyday situations.
Hygiene: Our hygiene products meet the highest standards to protect your health and that of your family.
What Sets TIGA-MED Apart?
What makes TIGA-MED so special? It's our commitment to quality, our innovation, and our dedication to hygiene and health. Our products are designed to promote your health and maintain your hygiene.
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TIGA-MED is your trusted source for high-quality health products that help you feel healthy and take care of your health.
Experience health care at its best with TIGA-MED and feel safe and healthy in every aspect of life.