SHR devices - permanent hair removal

SHR Devices

SHR devices for permanent hair removal & skin rejuvenation

SHR Device S13 2019 Demonstrator
SHR device S13 year of manufacture 2019 (like brand new).
10 years warranty!
When buying a SHR device or diode laser, you and your employees get 10 years of free follow-up training!
IPL SHR Device S Pro Standalone
The S Pro stand-alone device uses IPL-SHR technology to provide gentle and painless permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
Both handpieces (hair removal & skin rejuvenation) are mounted on the device, so that efficient work is guaranteed.

Warranty: 8 years
When you purchase an SHR device or diode laser, you and your staff will receive free follow-up training for 10 years!