Carbon Professional Carbon Attachment Carbon Peeling
Attachment for carbon peelings
Impurities are minimized
Wrinkles and pigment spots are reduced
Skin regeneration is stimulated
Also called Hollywood Peeling
Scope of delivery:
1x Carbon professional attachment
(235,71 € / Stk)
Carbon Professional 1064nm Attachment Tattoo Removal
Wavelength of 1064 nm
Most effective for more pigmented tattoo colours
Optimal removal of darker colors
Like e.g. blue, black, brown
Also available in 532 nm for light colors
Scope of delivery:
1x Carbon Profi -1064 nm attachment
(235,71 € / Stk)
Carbon Professional 532nm Attachment Tattoo Removal
Wavelength of 532 nm
Most effective on light colored tattoos
Optimal removal of lighter colors
Among others red, orange or yellow
Also available in 1064 nm for dark colors
Scope of delivery:
1x Carbon Profi - 532 nm attachment
(235,71 € / Stk)
Academy Germany 3 Pack Cosmetic Headband
Integrated velcro fastener
Made of polyester and polyamide
Used for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments
White reflects radiation during treatments
With Academy Germany logo
Scope of delivery:
3x Academy Germany cosmetic headband
(2,33 € / Stk)
Laser Carbon Cream 50ml
For peeling treatment
Natural ingredients
Absorbs excess sebum
Cleanses clogged pores
For an even and clean complexion
Scope of delivery:
Laser Carbon Cream 50 ml
(0,24 € / 1 L)