SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 1
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SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 1

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    - IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty -

    Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be sent out on a temporary basis.

    • Advanced plasma cosmetic device with three handpieces
    • Reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin
    • For removing warts and moles
    • Eliminates bacteria to help heal acne
    • With large, user-friendly touchscreen

    When you purchase a device, you will receive free device training.

    Scope of delivery:

    1x SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 1

    3x handpieces

    1x device training (on site or online)

Discover our exclusive customer service now:
When you purchase this device you will receive free device training for you and up to four of your employees – on site or conveniently online! But that is not all - Within the first six months after purchasing the device, you and your employees are entitled to additional benefits free refresher course is available, which you can also use conveniently online or on site.

- IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty -

Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be shipped for the time being.

Several treatment options in just one device - sounds too good to be true, but it is a reality!

The SkinTechBeauty 3 in 1 plasma device uses plasma energy to tighten the skin and improve its appearance with outstanding results. The device uses cutting-edge technology to remove warts and moles and can be used to help heal acne.

What is plasma and how does it work?

Plasma is a fourth state of matter that occurs in nature, for example in thunderbolts. To generate plasma energy for cosmetic purposes, gases from the atmospheric air are ionized by the device and transferred to the skin in the form of an electric arc.
The SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 1 has three handpieces to use the plasma energy in different ways and offer you several treatment options.

Handpiece 1: The classic plasma needle for precise treatment of wrinkles, moles and warts

With this handpiece, the plasma energy is applied to the skin with pinpoint accuracy using a fine needle. The energy is so highly focused that the upper skin tissue is removed. This activates the skin's self-healing process, causing it to contract and form new collagen fibers. The first results can be seen shortly after the treatment: The skin is firmer and wrinkles are less visible. Gradually, the stimulated collagen formation ensures an even more noticeably firmer skin appearance. As the energy is focused using a needle, the plasma penetrates deeper into the skin and can also remove warts and moles. You can use the device's touchscreen to select whether you want a single energy beam, several pulses or continuous energy to be emitted when you press the "shot" button on the handpiece.


Handpiece 2: High-pressure plasma for cleaning the skin surface

Inflamed and painful skin areas are a common problem, especially for acne-prone skin. Bacteria and pollutants from our environment encourage the development of blackheads and spots. You can remedy this with this device. The high-pressure plasma handpiece emits plasma energy to cleanse the skin surface. The small flashes of energy eliminate the bacteria that promote inflammation and thus support the healing of acne and inflammation.

Handpiece 3: Large-area skin tightening with effective dot matrix technology

In order to be able to treat large areas such as the neck and back in the shortest possible time, the Plasma 3 in 1 device is equipped with a dot matrix handpiece. This emits several plasma beams simultaneously to remove the uppermost skin tissue and stimulate self-healing. You can use the device's touchscreen to set how many plasma beams are to be emitted. You can choose whether the handpiece should emit 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 or 25 beams simultaneously.

The SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 1 uses plasma energy to give your skin a significantly firmer appearance with long-lasting effects. Equipped with a high-quality touchscreen and three first-class handpieces, it is very user-friendly and ensures impressive results.

If you have any questions, our team at the SHR online store will be happy to help!

IPL Swiss becomes SkinTechBeauty: Devices with the IPL Swiss logo can still be shipped for the time being.

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Data sheet
41 cm
51 cm
33 cm
9 Kg
33 cm x 41 cm x 51 cm (L x B x H)
Power supply
220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Net weight
9 Kg
2 Jahre Garantie
Scope of delivery
1x SkinTechBeauty Plasma 3 in 13x Handstücke 1x Geräteschulung (vor Ort oder online)
Number of handpieces
Number of handpiece plugs
Power consumption
600 W
Additional Information
3 in 1
Product Type
Content Size
1 Stück
Product weight
9 Kg
Product size
33 cm x 41 cm x 51 cm (L x B x H)
Application Field
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