SHR Germany Tooth Whitening Mouth Clamp 5 Pack
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SHR Germany Tooth Whitening Mouth Clamp 5 Pack

  • Simplifies the tooth whitening treatment
  • Keeps the client's mouth open
  • For optimal results
  • Hygienic disposable product
  • In a practical 5-pack

Scope of delivery:
5x SHR Germany tooth whitening mouth clamps

£6.40 (VAT incl.) (£1.28 Stk) £6.40 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

For an easier application during tooth whitening!
With the SHR Germany tooth whitening mouth clamp, you simplify the entire treatment process for yourself and your customers. Use the mouth clamp for your customer to keep lips and cheeks ideally away from the teeth. The mouth is kept open and you are guaranteed free work on the teeth without neglecting the comfort of the patient. The hygienic disposable product is comfortable to wear and the whitening gel can now be optimally activated by the whitening lamp without the lips covering the teeth.
The transparent cheek holders are available in a practical pack of 5.

Hygiene articles are excluded from exchange if the seal of the goods has been removed after delivery.

0.01 Kg
Net weight
0,005 kg
Scope of delivery
5 Mundspanner
Packaging unit
Function 1
Zubehör für das Zahnbleaching
5 stk
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