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Sinepil / Electroepilation device for the body
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Needle epilation device for professional use.
Hair-free thanks to low-pain, precise and safe electro/thermolysis epilation
Provides excellent epilation results with individually adjustable programming
Permanent removal even of white, gray hair possible
Suitable for all hair and skin types, with intuitive operation

Scope of delivery:
1x electroepilation device1x power cord1x needle holder1x pedals1x epilation handpiece2x replacement fuse1x user manual1x envelope with warranty card
7.117,53 £ pc
TOTAL BODY Onda Dinamica® / Skin Tightening Device for the Body

Body firming technology
Simultaneously reduces fat accumulation, cellulite and skin sagging
Firms and tightens skin tissue
Utilizes therapeutic short and long waves
Built-in color screen, touch screen and printer

Included in delivery:
1x TOTAL BODY Onda Dinamica® / skin tightening device for the body.
24.767,49 £ pc
FACE & BODY Onda Dinamica® / Skin Tightening Device for Face and Body

Technology for body toning
Reduces cellulite, atony and small wrinkles
Firms and tightens skin tissue
Permanently reduces imperfections
Built-in color screen and touch screen

Scope of delivery:
1x FACE & BODY Onda Dinamica® / skin tightening device for face and body.
13.281,12 £ pc
Dimagrelle X-Tone / Silhouette Shaping Device

Muscle stimulation treatment
Shapes and tightens the tissue
Reduces cellulite, water retention and skin sagging
Performs various muscle actions
Can be combined with other firming treatments

Scope of delivery:
1x Dimagrelle X-Tone / silhouette shaping device.
8.555,42 £ pc
Cellutonic Onda Dinamica® / skin tightening device with two attachments

Technology for body toning
Combines 8 energies
Treats cellulite, localized fat accumulation and tissue shrinkage
Stimulates and tones the tissues
Has a vitalizing effect on the dermis

Scope of delivery:
1x Cellutonic Onda Dinamica® / skin tightening device with two attachments.
12.563,22 £ pc
Liftonic OndaDinamica® / device for facial treatment with 8 in 1 technology.

Innovative device for facial treatment
Eight different applications possible
With internet connection for automatic software updates
Two handpieces
First results already after one treatment

Scope of delivery:
1x Liftonic OndaDinamica®
1x OndaDinamica® handpiece
1x Demoregenia® handpiece
9.777,62 £ pc