DR. DRAWING GLOW BB Colors Set of 6 - Medium
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DR. DRAWING GLOW BB Colors Set of 6 - Medium

Fill Quantity:

6 x 7ml ampoules - Medium / Medium.

Scope of delivery:

6 x 7ml Ampoules - Medium / Medium

£49.58 (VAT incl.) (£1,180.48 1 L) £49.58 (VAT excl.)
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Dr. Drawing BB-Glow 6 Ampoules

Naturally beautiful skin for every type - that's what Glow BB can do.

BB Glow is a popular treatment for correcting skin tone as well as brightening any skin problems. In addition to colour pigments, it contains niacinamide, among other things, which improves wrinkles, oily skin, pigmentation disorders and other skin problems. Radiantly beautiful skin - permanently and without makeup.

BB Glow is a non-invasive, semi-permanent technique that provides noticeable skin rejuvenation without the need for a scalpel, anesthesia or downtime. The treatment is painless and suitable for almost all skin types. The perfect treatment to complement any beauty salon.

Advantages of the BB Glow treatment

Clear and radiant skin

Excellent improvement of the skin

Lasting elasticity as well as moisturizing of the skin

The Mix Kit is also suitable for contouring and mixing the colours.

As a preceding treatment, microneedling with the help of the DermaPen is perfect.

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0,12 kg
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1 Set

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6 x 7 ml
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