Diodenloaser D808
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Diode laser D808 for hair removal

Diode laser 808 - the fastest method for permanent hair removal.

Stand-alone diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm.

Warranty: 5 years

When you buy a SHR device or diode laser, you and your employees will receive free follow-up training for 10 years!
£29,900.00 (VAT incl.) £29,900.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


The professional and highly effective diode laser D808 achieves the maximum effect for permanent hair removal with a fixed wavelength of 808 nm.

Diode laser 808 - The fastest method for permanent hair removal

Stand-alone diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm. You would like to offer more treatments in your beauty institute and expand your range?

You have big plans and would like to be able to work all day, also for the walk-in customers? Are you thinking of a hair removal studio or do you have several employees who are to use the device all day? Then the diode laser standalone unit is your new profitable revenue stream! Due to its clever internal cooling system, it works all day long without any interruption.

The diode laser D808 for permanent hair removal works with a fixed wavelength of 808 nanometers and is directed selectively or slightly gliding, based on the SHR gliding technique over the melanin in the hair into the hair follicles to permanently damage them by heating them up to approx. 65 °C. The installed software is very easy to set up and use.

The installed software is very easy to use. The skin type table is integrated so that the most optimal energy level settings are already pre-installed when the skin type is selected.

Due to the intense laser light therapy, permanent hair removal is achieved with fewer treatments on average than any other hair removal method.

The handpiece has a high shot count of 2,500,000 (million) shots.

With a device purchase, training including training folder, customer information sheet and certificate, for up to 10 people is included.

Scope of delivery:

  • The diode laser D808 device including handpiece (HR hair removal).
  • Starter package

62 cm
134 cm
53 cm
50 Kg
15“ LCD Farbtouchscreen
53 cm x 62 cm x 134 cm (L x B x H)
53cm x 62cm x 134cm (L x B x H)
Spot Size Hair Removal
12 mm² x 12 mm², (15 mm² x 27 mm² auf Anfrage)
808 nm
pulse sequence
1-5 Impulse / Sekunde
Pulse duration
10 ms – 300 ms
Pulse frequency
1 - 10 Hz
cooling system
Wasserkühlung, Behandlungskopf mit Kontaktkühlung
1 Stück (HR-Haarentfernung)
handpiece connector
1 Anschluss
Power supply
240 V, 50 Hz
Net weight
50 kg
2 Jahre Garantie
Spot size
12x12 mm², (15x27 mm² auf Anfrage)
Scope of delivery

1 Gerät incl. Handstück

Packaging unit
Cooling system type
Wasserkühlung, Luftkühlung, Behandlungskopf mit Kontaktkühlung
Adjustable cooling temperature
Number of handpieces
Number of handpiece plugs
Function 1
Additional additions
Starterpaket:6 l Ultraschallgel2 Rollen Papier für die Behandlungsliege500 Holzspatel zum Auftragen des Gels10 l destilliertes WasserSchulungsunterlagenZertifikatBedienungsanleitung2x 3M Original IPL-Schutzbrillen mit Grünlicht-Faktor1x Anwender