ecoTree™ device for the production of disinfectants
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ecoTree™ device for the production of disinfectants

For the production of particularly low-irritant and safe disinfectants

  • produces cost-efficiently
  • user-friendly, digital display
  • various sensors for increased safety
  • suitable for the cosmetic, wellness and health sector, for food safety and water treatment

Scope of delivery:

1x ecoTree™- device for the production of disinfectant.

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Description of the device:
ecoTree™ is an innovative device for the cost-effective and safe production of highly effective disinfectant.

The ecoTree™ device is applicable in various industries such as cosmetics, wellness, health, food safety and water treatment.

It produces HOCI (hypochlorous acid) by electrolysis process using tap water and 3% HCI.

The agent obtained is suitable for disinfecting surfaces, instruments and equipment, as well as for hand disinfection.

According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) hypochlorous acid also eliminates 99.9% of coronaviruses.

During the manufacturing period, you can closely monitor the quality of the product on the ecoTree™ unit's digital display. It allows you to see the product temperature and pH as well as the flow rate, the amount of raw material remaining and the operating time.

In addition, the device has various sensors (pH sensor, leak sensor, gas sensor) that guarantee the greatest possible safety. In case of danger, the production is stopped automatically.

Description of the disinfectant to be produced hypochlorous acid (HOCI):

* Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is a weak acid similar to that of a mild citrus juice.
* Hypochlorous acid is an important component of the human immune system. It is produced in white blood cells.
* As a strong oxidizing agent, HOCl is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
* The generation of HOCl from a salt water solution by electricity was discovered in the 1970s.
* HOCl is now used in cosmetics, wellness, health, food safety, water treatment and general hygiene.
* HOCI is one of three disinfectants that eliminates coronavirus under one minute (Source: Journal of Hospital Infection, Feb. 6, 2020).

Sensors: pH sensor, leak sensor, gas sensor
Raw material tank size: 4L
Display: product temperature and pH / flow rate / remaining raw material / operating time / total operating time
Weight: 10 kg (excluding raw material tank)
Dimensions: 510 x 350 x 390 mm
Input power: 220V, 50-60Hz, 5A
Electrolysis method: Aseptic method
Production capacity: 120L/hr
Chlorine concentration: 20 - 40ppm
pH range: 5.0 - 6.5

350 cm
390 cm
510 cm
10 Kg
510 mm x 350 mm x 390 mm (L x B x H)
Power supply
240 V, 50 Hz
Net weight
10 kg
Scope of delivery

1 Gerät

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