Skin rejuvenation/purification

Skin rejuvenation/purification

Skin rejuvenation/purification

Aquapure, Profacial, Aquafacial, PlasmaPen,

2D/3D HIFU, Nachrüstung, Mikrodermabrasion, Derma Pen, 

ShockWave, Carbon Profi, Pure Lift

SHR Germany Aquapure deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation device
- Special price -

For deep-acting treatments with gentle water power
Gives flawless skin with a youthful radiant glow
Aquapeeling, ion lifting, electroporation and cooling/heating in one device
With four handpieces for a variety of combinable applications
Includes treatment solutions with highly effective ingredients

One Training for up to four persons is free of charge with the purchase of one unit (incl. certificate).
- No certificate of professional competence according to the NiSV n
7,499.76 £ pc
On sale!-£327.86
Aqua Facial device for facial treatment
- Action price -

Treat all skin types and structures effectively and successfully
3-phase Aqua Peeling
Additional treatment by radio frequency, ion lifting and ultrasound
Applied technique ensures natural regeneration of the skin
A peeling effect is created

When buying a device, you get 50% discount on Aqua Facial Trainings.
Scope of delivery:
1x Aqua Facial mobile device from SHR Germany
1x Aqua Facial solution for facial treatment in set of 4
1x promotional poster
975.09 £ pc
On sale!-£400.09
ProFacial device for facial treatment / Without trolley
- Action price -

Treat all skin types and structures effectively and successfully
3-phase Aqua Peeling
With radio frequency, ion lifting and ultrasound
Not manufactured abroad
SHR Germany original product

When you buy one unit, you get 50% discount on ProFacial trainings.
Scope of delivery:
1x ProFacial
1x Hyfa Water Solution Profacial Peel Solution Set of 4
1x promotional poster
1,338.36 £ pc
On sale!-£2,528.01
Hydrabeauty Germany
- Special price -

Immediate effects with long-term effect
Intensive deep cleansing of the skin
Brightening of the skin, skin rejuvenating
With additional OxyGemeo application
Compact design and easy operation

One training for up to four people is free with the purchase of one device (including certificate).
Scope of delivery:
1x Hydrabeauty Germany
1x handpiece
4x active ingredient solution (S1, S2, S3, S4)
6x carbonate capsul
5,814.42 £ pc
Beauty Light Light Therapy System
- Special price -
aparative color light treatment
For the treatment of different skin problems
4 different light modes or wavelengths 415 nm - 640 nm
Rejuvenates, soothes and refines the skin texture
For a relaxing wellness effect
Scope of delivery:
1x Beauty Light 4 in 1 Light Therapy System
104.09 £ pc
Diamond Microdermabrasion Device
Gentle peeling device for skin renewal
For skin refinement and rejuvenation
Removes dead skin cells
Stimulates blood circulation and regeneration
For a youthful fresh appearance
A Training is not included.
Scope of delivery:
1x diamond microdermabrasion device
9x stainless diamond tips
3x stainless steel handpieces
1x package cotton filter
1x PVC suction hose
3x rubber rings
1x power cord
98.43 £ pc
- Special price -

Nine integrated apparative treatment methods
Deep-acting treatments with gentle water power, ultrasound and much more.
For real WOW effects already after the first application
Deeply cleanses, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin
Ideal for single treatments and spa treatments

One training for up to four people is free with the purchase of a device (incl. certificate).
Scope of delivery:
1x Beautymaster
8x Vortex-White (differen
5,814.42 £ pc
HIFU 2D Face device incl. 3 cartridges
Nicht vorrätig

Application of ultrasound to tighten the skin
The skin reacts with new formation of collagen and elastin
Fatty tissue is ideally firmed
Lifting effect without surgery
Latest HIFU technology

Scope of delivery:
1x HIFU 2D Face
1x cartridge 10 (1,5 mm)
1x cartridge 7 (3 mm)
1x cartridge 4 (4.5 mm)
1x HIFU 2D Face training
3,469.82 £ pc
3D HIFU Germany device incl. 8 attachments
- Special price -

With the help of the HIFU, the skin layers are specifically heated down to the depths
With curvature in the handpiece for better ultrasound contact
Clearly visible tightening effects without surgery
2 years warranty
Incl. free training

Scope of delivery:
1x 3D HIFU
8x cartridges (1.5 mm - 16 mm)
6,657.09 £ pc
ShockWave device for cellulite treatment
Nicht vorrätig

Shock waves sonication
Stimulates blood circulation and collagen formation in the skin
Connective tissue gains firmness
Skin areas are tightened and smoothed
2 years warranty

A Training is not included.
Scope of delivery:
1x ShockWave (for cellulite treatment).
2,761.69 £ pc
Carbon Profi Germany Peeling Device
- Special price -

Carbon peeling for various skin problems
Refines skin texture
Wrinkles and lines are minimized
Skin regeneration increases
Developed for everyday studio use

Scope of delivery:
1x Carbon Profi Germany (without trolley)
1x Laser Carbon cream 50 ml
1x Free training incl. certificate
3,497.08 £ pc