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Hydrabeauty Germany
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Hydrabeauty skin treatment device
Hydrabeauty Germany is a skin care system that combines 4 combined treatments in one device. Aquabrasion, ultrasound, radio frequency and OxyGemeo technology (skin rejuvenation and whitening).

Warranty: 2 years
Set of 5 - Hydra Beauty Vortex - Cleaning attachment
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Take care of your SHR Germany product with the suitable cleaning attachment.

For cleaning
Hygienic work
Increases the durability of the devices 
High quality processed 
Closed mold         

Scope of Delivery: 1x SHR Germany Set of 5 - Hydra Beauty Vortex - Cleaning attachment
Hydra Beauty - Air filter
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Hydra Beauty - Air filter
Air filter unit especially for the SHR Germany Hydra Beauty device
For exchange
delivery : 1 x Hydra Beauty - air filter