Cryolipolyse Accessories


Cool4D - Matrix Gel Pad
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Offer your customers a safe and effective treatment experience during Cryolipolysis with protecting pads.

Key Points:
- For Crylipolysis treatments
- Effective lubricant
- Protects the skin
- For optimal treatment result
- Easy to use

Scope of Delivery:
1x Matrix Gel Pad
1x OP Pad
Set of 5 - Cool4D - Matrix Gel Pad
In stock
Set of 5 - Cool4D - Matrix Gel Pad
The OP Pad combined with the Matrix Gel Pad, is an effective lubricant and protective agent between the skin and the cooling applicators.
Scope of delivery:
5x Matrix Gel Pad5x OP Pad
Trolley high ( for mobile devices )
Trolley high - Trolley chest of drawers
Dimensions: 35cm x 45cm x 85cm (WxDxH)
Scope of delivery: 1x high trolley - trolley chest of drawers