Refit Accessoires


Couch cover for cosmetic couches 60 cm wide / 12 pieces
- Special price -
Made of especially tear-resistant crepe paper
For perfect hygiene in practice and studio
To cover your treatment furniture
Each roll with 50 meters running length
Individually hygienically packed
Scope of delivery:
12x SHR Germany couch cover
(3,48 € / Stk)
Refit filter balls set of 10
In stock
For optimal and hygienic treatment
Excellent filter results
Can be used for up to 40 treatments
Environmentally friendly
Scope of delivery:
10x Refit filter balls
(276,10 € / Stk)
Refit cleaning tool
In stock
Specially developed for refit
For optimal maintenance of the unit
Cleaning of handpieces and hoses
With durable and soft nylon bristles
Made of stainless steel wire
Scope of delivery:
1x Refit - Cleaning Tool
(20,53 € / Stk)
SHR plastic footrest for couches transparent / 60 x 40 cm
Protects your furniture from dirt and wear and tear
Particularly robust and durable
Made of transparent plastic
Fits on almost every cosmetic and treatment table
Very easy to clean and disinfect
Scope of delivery:1x SHR plastic footrest for couches transparent/ 60 x 40 cm
(20,51 € / Stk)
SHR Germany Refit trolley
Ideal for your studio or practice
With stable footprint for your Refit device
Movable on four casters
With storage space for your accessories
With practical handle
Scope of delivery:
1x SHR Germany Refit trolley
(488,40 € / Stk)